Dog Training Classes in Hull

Over the first two years of business Dogs Playpark has become the largest dog training provider in Hull and East Yorkshire with a team of 6 trainers offering 121s, training classes - some you will only find with us.
Between us the team have over 20 years of dog training experience.
We have trainers with degree qualifications in animal / canine behaviour, accredited Canine Hoopers instructor, canine sport judge, Kennel Club listed status instructors, IMDT member, PPN member, Dog Training College approved trainers, CPUK instructors, Assistance Dog Training and Education Instructors and more!

Members of the Playpark are able to take advantage of a number of FREE classes every month - members classes must be booked 24 hours in advance.

We also offer 6 week and Kennel Club courses at a substantial discount to our members and at a sensible rate for guests.
See below full information on our range of courses and classes or download our timetable

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Dog Training for members and Guests

Members FREE Training

Obedience Classes: Members only - FREE

Our drop in obedience sessions run as 45 minute classes. These classes are open to all dogs of any age or breed who's owners are looking to improve their basic obedidence. Good for members to work on any particular area at any training level.
Wednesday 17:45 – 18:30

Fun Training Class: Members only - FREE

Our drop in fun training sessions run for as a 45 minute class. These classes are open to all dogs of any age or breed and aim to offer various training exerices for both dog and owner to enjoy.
Thursday 13:00 - 13:45                                      

Kennel Club Obedience Training

6 Week Course: Members £35 Guests £60

Our obedience training courses run as 50 minute sessions for 6 consecutive weeks. During this course you and your dog will work with one of our trainers in a group environment to address the vital dog training needed for your dog to build a solid foundation in life.

After the 6th week of training you and your dog will have the option to take part in the Kennel Club Bronze, Silver or Gold assessment - an assessment run by the largest training scheme in the UK.
(Dogs must pass Bronze to progress to Silver and must pass Silver to progress to Gold)

More information on the Kennel Club Training Scheme

Our courses include; printed course material throughout, Dogs Playpark certificate on completion, Kennel Club Certificate and Kennel Club Rosette.

Bronze Obedience Class - Saturday 10:00-10:50

Silver/Gold Obedience Class - Thursday - 19:30-20:20

Kennel Club Puppy Training

6 Week Course: Members £35 Guests £65

Our puppy obedience training courses run as 50 minute sessions for 6 consecutive weeks. During this course you and your young puppy will work with one of our trainers in a group environment to address the vital foundation training needed for your puppy to build a solid foundation in life.
On the 6th week of training you and puppy will take part in the Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Award.
This course can also be taken as a 121 option.

Puppy Kennel Club Obedience Class
Tuesday 19:30-20:20
Saturday 10:00-10:50

Advanced Puppy Training

6 Week Course: Members £35. Guests £65

This is a 6 week course following on from your Kennel Club award puppy  course.
This course is with our senior most experienced trainer working on advancing your puppy's training in real life situations, fun confidence building exercises and working with clicker training to shape and capture new behaviours helping your puppy learn to use their brain.

Tuesday 19:30-20:20

Any puppy who has completed their puppy course training with in the last 21 weeks is eligible - others please enquire.

Contact us to book.

Canine Focus and Meet and Greet Workshops (Life Skills)

Workshops are 1.5 hours long. There are only 4 dogs on each workshop so you will have quality time with the trainer.

Focus Workshop
Gaining trust and attention from your dog is the foundation of any canine training. In this workshop we will show you how to get your dogs focus and attention and keep it. Once your dog is focused on you and your training cues, training your dog becomes so much easier. N.B we use a clicker in this workshop, if you don't already have one you can buy one on the day.

£15.00 Members
£20.00 Guests

Running every two weeks contact us to book in.

Meet and Greet
In this workshop we will work with you and your dog to meet and greet humans and other dogs correctly. Fed up of your dog jumping up or barking with excitement at every dog you meet? This workshop could be just what you are looking for. Please note, this workshop is an obedience workshop not a behavioural modification session. If you have concerns about your dog being reactive to dogs/humans and displaying signs of aggression, please call us to book a 1 to 1 session with on of our behaviourists.

£15.00 Members
£20.00 Guests

Running every two weeks contact us to book in.

Puppy Play and Socialisation 

Puppy Socialisation Class: Members FREE, guests £5

Our puppy socialisation sessions allow new pups to come along and mix with other similar aged dogs in a safe environment. These sessions are open to puppies under 6 months of age. A trainer is on hand to help with any questions and give some bite size training. Maximum 7 in a class so please book to avoid disappointment.

Wednesday 18:30 – 19:15 (Play and socialisation session)
Thursday 18:00 – 18:45 (Play and socialisation session)
Saturday 11:00 - 11:45 (Play and socialisation session)

Tricks Academy Class

Fun trick Class: Member FREE, Guests £8

Our fun tricks sessions are 45 minutes long - Saturday 16:30 – 17:15

These sessions are open to dogs of any age. You and your dog will work closely with one of our trainers to learn a variety of of fun tricks such as walking through your legs, dead dog, roll over and even skate boarding!
Each dog will work through different levels and achieve awards and certificates as they progress.              

Junior Play Session

Junior Play Session - Members FREE, guests £5

Tuesday - 18:00-19:30

Our Junior play sessions are open to dogs 6 months - 18 months of age.

These sessions are brilliant for dogs and owners to progress following on from puppy play sessions. 

Our degree qualified trainer will help you continue to learn about appropriate play between dogs and offer heaps of help and advice on and young dog problems you are facing. Get advice and help on how to teach your dog to greet others politely off lead, how to continue your recall training and how to be all round more enjoyable when off lead around other young dogs.

Guests will be required to attend a FREE one off assessment to take part in this session.

Supervised Play Sessions

Supervised Play Sessions: Members FREE, guests £5

Throughout the week we have several supervised play sessions, these are free for monthly/yearly members – but are also open to guests at a charge of £5 for your first dog and £2.50 for subsequent dogs in your familiy.

During these sessions a trained staff member is present in the main park to offer support and supervise the owners attending. Because of the professional supervision these sessions include the use of climbing, tunnel and play equipment for owners to use to play/exercise/train their dogs.

PLEASE NOTE: Guests will be required to attend a FREE assessment to take part in this session.

Open Park (members only)

Open Park Sessions: Members FREE

Our monthly/yearly members have access to the Playpark in our members only open park sessions.

These sessions allow owners to use the safe indoor facility as they would an outdoor field to exercise and train their dog, without the fear of your dog running away or the great British weather ruining your dog walk!

These sessions are for members who have joined the Dogs Playpark on a monthly/yearly basis after passing their FREE assessment. Guests are not permitted at these Open Park sessions.

One to One Training

These sessions are available to members and non-members.

Our 5 experienced trainers can offer training and behaviour assessments 7 days a week throughout our opening times.
The training team can offer training from the basic foundations in puppy training, loose lead walking (not pulling on the lead), recall, problem behaviours to fear aggression.

Whether your dog is scared of the car or the vet, pulls you over on the lead, can’t be let off lead, is reactive to other dogs or has a bite history we can help you. We can also work on certain behavioural problem within the park, more challenging behaviour may require a home visit. 

We will initially book a 60-minute consultation with our behaviourist to assess your dog and plan out a training plan tailored to you and your dog’s individual needs. 1 Hour Behaviour Assesment - £40.

We then pair you with one of our experienced trainers and book your one to one training sessions to best suit you. One Hour one to one training - £25-£40 depending on trainer experience level and member discounts. House visits will incur an additional travel charge.

One Hour 20-minute behaviour modification sessions - £40-£45 depending on membership discounts.

Agility Training / Canine Hoopers

Agility 121 Training: £18 per 30-minute session

These private 121 sessions offer you the opportunity to work with one of our experienced trainers to build your handling and your dog’s agility skills; along with practicing running a variety of courses.

Canine Hoopers 121 Training: £18 per 30-minute session

Canine Hoopers is a new low impact canine sport that aims at being accessible to any dog and any owner. The low impact of this sport allows it to be suitable to larger breeds and older dogs without fear of damage to their joints. Canine Hoopers are very welcoming and respectful to yellow space/reactive dogs,

These private 121 sessions you will work with our CHUK (canine hoopers uk) qualified instructor to learn how to handle and run your dog through a Hoopers, Barrellers or Tunnelers course. Advancing your distant handling and progressing to enter local and national competitions with CHUK.

For more information on Canine Hoopers click here

Agility Fun Class: Members FREE, guests £5  -  Saturday - 9:00-9:50

Every Saturday morning, we hold our Fun Agility Assault Course – this 50-minute session is ran by one of our experienced degree qualified trainers and offers you and your dog an alternative activity to everyday physical and mental stimulation.

This fun session is a low impact introduction to Agility and Canine Hoopers – this session is open to dogs over 12months. This session is suitable to any owner of age/ability and is just great fun.

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