Loose Lead Masterclass Training

Loose Lead Master Class Programme

Owning a dog is incredibly rewarding, with just the right amount of training, we can have a great bond and a dog that is willing to do almost anything for us.

Trust us we know, as dog owners how frustrating it is when dogs don't walk nicely on the lead, pulling in every which way direction, getting distracted by any sight, noise and smell. We have been there too, trust us.

We always suggest to start your training as soon as possible with a new dog/puppy, but if you have an adult dog that has pulled for a long time, that's OK too, as no dog is too old to learn something new.

It takes time however to train a dog something new, there are no quick fixes, no gadgets, no special harness, no head collar that can 'cure' a dog from pulling. Anything that stops a dog pulling quickly is aversive, this means it hurts or scares the dog into stopping the behaviour, the dog has not learned anything, you have not trained it and it can damage your relationship with your dog potentially causing problems elsewhere in their training and development.

You can read our guide on Understanding Loose Lead Walking for more information on aversive dog training methods and more importantly the right techniques to use when training your dog to walk loose lead.

Click the image below for more information on loose lead walking and to download our free e-book

Free Loose Lead E-book

We want all dog owners to enjoy their dog walks in all situations, not to avoid certain situations and stimuli, not having your arm pulled from its socket and not to have a dog hurting themselves pulling in every direction.

So join us on our Loose Lead Masterclass programme specially designed so you can learn everything you need to know to train your dog, from simple basic foundation techniques that are often overlooked, right through to more advanced methods that you would only see on expensive dog trainer courses.

For a small investment you will take away training and a trained dog that will stay with you for a very long time.

We are confident too, that is why we have discounted our Bronze masterclass from £100 to a half price rate of only £50.

Read on for our packages and our very special discounted rates and reward scheme.

The packages


Our bronze package sets the foundation of your loose lead training. We will cover little talked about, but incredibly powerful basic techniques, training methods and dog behaviours that you can build upon in further training either on your own or with help in our Silver and Gold Masterclass levels.

This is a four week course and you will get lots of time with our trainer, you will receive full course materials and follow up help. Everything we show you in this Bronze programme will provide you with the tools to improve your off lead experience.

We are so confident we have discounted it to half price and we will give you all your money back if your dog does not make the improvements and level required to pass this bronze level.


Our Silver course advances on what we have learned in the bronze lessons. Loose lead walking gets progressively more difficult with more distraction and stimuli. We build on what we have already learned and we add more advanced training techniques and situations so we become much more prepared for a more challenging loose lead walk.

The Silver Level is £150, however keep reading as we have a discounted bundle price and of course we are so confident still that we offer a money back guarantee if you do not make further progress and the level to pass Silver.


Further progressing through your levels of training, here we introduce training that you would normally only see on the most advanced dog trainer courses. We want you and your dog to handle almost any situation whilst on a walk. Once you have passed this level, you should have a dog that is calm and well mannered no matter what you encounter, no matter what walk you are on in almost any environment.

Bundle Saver Option

We have already discounted our Bronze level from £100 to only £50, but we really want you to have the best level of training possible.

So we want to offer all three Masterclass levels for a one off price of £250 that is a saving of £150 from our usual full price.

That's 12 weeks of advanced loose lead training for only £250...

And there is more savings to be had, because if you pass each level and to our full standard we will refund you a further 50%, because we want dogs to be trained, to be happy and to have happier stress free owners. Which is worth more to us than large training fees.

So actually that's 12 weeks of advanced loose lead training for only £125


Call 01482 762562 or email bookings@dogsplaypark.co.uk to book your place.

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