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Dog Grooming in Hull

At Parkside Groomers, we offer top quality dog grooming treatments to dog lovers in Hull, Hessle, Anlaby and surrounding areas. Based at Dogs Play Park at Chanterlands Avenue, Hull, we've got everything to keep your dog happy this season. New customers will receive 20% off their first booking, call us on 01482 762562.
Groomed Gallery
Wash Only 
A relaxing massage wash, which loosens muscles, cleanses and moisturises the coat, using only natural products, gently removing dead hair and skin cells to improve coat condition.
Includes Brushing & Spritz
Small  / Puppy
Medium/Large Short Haired
Medium/Large Long Haired
Extra Large Short Haired
Extra Large Long Haired
Mini Dog Groom
A great option for between full grooms. A clean and fresh dog with their important hygiene areas trimmed. 
Includes: wash, conditioner, blow-dry, brush, eye, bum, feet trim and spritz.
Small  / Puppy
Medium/Large Short Haired
Medium/Large Long Haired
Extra Large Short Haired
Extra Large Long Haired
Full Dog Groom
We work with you to provide a cut that is both practical and hygienic for your dog, with a finished outcome you will be proud to show off.  All breed standard cuts catered for.
Includes all items from the mini groom, plus full breed cut / deshedding.
Small/Medium Short Haired
Small/Medium Long Haired
Medium/Large Short Haired
Medium/Large Long Haired
Extra Large Short Haired
Extra Large Long Haired
FREE weight check and nutritional advice.
Please note all dogs will be subject to an initial consultation to determine any skin or health conditions allergies and agree what cut you wish to have. We will also check for excessive matts, abrasions cuts or sores.
An extra charge maybe incurred for matted/nervous dogs £5-£10
Special Add-Ons
Why not add a little extra pampering for your dog on their next visit?
Blackening Shampoo
(For black, blue, silver, brindle and spotted dogs) ‘All Black’ Shampoo enriches the natural shades of black, blue, silver or brindle dogs for amazing results. It enhances the shine and condition of the coat with this low lathering shampoo. The best part is NO nasty artificial dyes are used that could irritate a dog’s skin.
Whitening Shampoo
(For white, and spotted coats) ‘Berry Blue’ Shampoo is specifically designed for white dogs. It revives the natural colour of the white-coated breeds. It is a colour enhancer without any bleach or harsh colourants and uses all-natural ingredients. Used on stained beards and paws to help bring back the natural colour of the dogs fur.
Hypo-allergenic Shampoo
(For sensitive skin) ‘Hypo-allergenic’ Shampoo is specifically designed for dogs prone to sensitive skin. Hypo-allergenic is mild and gentle on the dog’s skin and coat. It contains absolutely no irritants, no colourants and is completely fragrance free. It is mild enough for even the most sensitive of dogs, but will still leave them clean and refreshed.
Multi-Use Conditioner
(For all breeds and coats - Leave in or wash out) ‘Multi-use’ Conditioner has natural conditioning properties that leave the dog’s coat soft and healthy, by returning lost moisture to the coat. Leaves a clean fruity scent.
Effectively removes stains and unwanted smells in the face with regular use leaving your dog’s face feeling refreshed with a soothing scent.
Health & Hygiene
Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning
*First visit £20, which includes your own toothbrush head)
Reaching deep below the gum line, killing germs and bacteria, at the same time increasing blood flow to the gums to heal wounds and stop bleeding. No vibration, no noise and 100% painless, using special ultrasound toothpaste that the dogs love. Effectively combats; gingivitis and periodontitis, oral cavity diseases, plaque and tartar build up bad breath
Flea Shampoo
(Expels & Repels)  ‘Natural flea’ Shampoo has been specifically designed for dogs with fleas, mites, lice or similar insects. This natural and effective shampoo has been specially formulated from natural products with a hypo-allergenic base. It expels and repels fleas without the use of harsh chemicals, whilst gently cleansing and conditioning the dogs coat.
Nail Clipping
Dogs nails aren’t naturally worn down enough to keep up with their growth, we need to trim their nails for them. Your dog can easily tear their toenails when playing. Additionally, nails left too long can make standing and moving painful and awkward for your dog.
Ear Cleaning
FRONTLINE PET CARE Ear Cleaner is a cleansing gel for dogs and cats that also soothes and protects the ears. Zinc and Rhamnose help balance the delicate ecosystem of the ear canal and provide antimicrobial protection while Rhamnose also soothes sensitive and fragile skin.
Paw Waxing
Paw waxing helps to heal and protect dry pads from walking on hard surfaces, soothes and moisturises.
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