Dog Body Language Seminar

Does your dog display behaviour that you don’t understand?

Understanding your dog’s body language can help you identify your dogs different emotional states, which in turn helps you understand why your dog may behave the way it does.

What you will learn:

•Understand different emotional states and what your dog is trying to tell you.
•Be able to understand what your dog is trying to communicate by it’s body language.
•Be able to identify appropriate play or when to intervene.
•Understand when dogs guard toys or food and how to handle the situation.
•Identify when your dog is telling you they are anxious and need more space. 

Sunday 25th March 1pm-4pm

£25 per person.
Discounts £20 per person for monthly Green/Black members.

Booking required

Call 01482 762562

Humans ONLY - no dogs at this seminar.