Getting ready for a groom

Dog Grooming Tips

Preparing your dog / puppy for the groomers (and vet for that matter) is an important part of your dogs training. Our brilliant team of dog groomers offer health and hygiene services as well as giving your dog a fantastic pamper and haircut. Cleaning and brushing your dog as well as regular hygiene checks is essential and our team are on hand to help you. As a puppy the earlier you can introduce your dog to the groomers the better, we even offer a free puppy groom with our Puppy Training packs, because we know how important this is.

So in this training blog post we have put together 10 top tips to grooming and hygiene...

Dogs teeth cleaning and grooming

1 - EYES - using a damp cotton wool pad gently wipe over the eye area to remove eye residue / sleep this helps to reduce tear staining and matting around the eyes.


2 - AFTER WALKS - again using a damp cotton pad, remove dirt trapped in-between feet (toes and pads) this helps prevent mud and dirt getting in and causing small matts in the feet which can be very uncomfortable.


3 - BRUSH/COMB - when brushing at home try to get your brush to the bottom of the coat. Once brushed, comb through the coat. If you are struggling you could use a detangle spray to help get your comb through. Try to brush/comb a few times a week to help prevent matting.


4 - BATHING AT HOME - (longer haired breeds) try not to towel dry as much or leave the dog to dry naturally, instead try using a hair dryer on a cool setting to dry the coat, use your brush to separate the fur, this will help stop the fur from clotting up and matting. You can use a detangle spray when the dogs coat is wet this will help you with brushing. Don’t over use your brush for too long in one certain area, as this can cause discomfort and skin irritation.


5 - LARGER DOG BREEDS THAT SHED THEIR COATS - Curry Comb, Furminators, and rake combs are a great way to help get dead hair out from the coat, again don’t over use as they can cause irritation.

6 - NAILS - if you are worried that your dogs nails grow too fast between grooms you can always try and walk the dog on concrete for an extra 10-20 mins daily this will help file the dogs nails down naturally.


7 - SHAMPOO - when bathing at home always make sure not to get any shampoo in the eyes, ears or nose as this will cause discomfort to the dog, if this occurs use warm water to rinse clear.


8 - FLEAS & TICKS - always ensure your dog is up to date with his/her flea treatment and wormers! If you come across fleas when brushing/bathing your dog make sure to use a flea shampoo, also a household spray to kill any adults or lava that could be in your home.


9 – PUPPIES - puppies need to start the grooming experience from a young age, be this at home with you or in a dog grooming salon. if the dog won’t sit still for his/her brush try popping them onto a table and gently brush and comb and reward the dog with a treat when behaving well. Encourage your dog as much as you can to make the grooming experience a good one!


10 – EXERCISE - exercise has a big part to play in grooming, a dog who has been walked prior to grooming seems to have a much more relaxed attitude towards the process, they are naturally calmer and happier, as they have used up any excess energy.